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max strang

The youngest son of Carl Strang, Max Strang graduated summa cum laude with a degree in architecture from the University of Florida in 1994. He went on to receive a Masters Degree at Columbia University, along with an honor award for design excellence. Prior to launching his own firm in the late 90’s, he interned briefly with Zaha Hadid in London. Thereafter, Strang worked for New York-based SHoP Architects on the award-winning design for the Manhattan Museum of Sex (MOSEX). Of greatest influence, however, was Strang's association with Gene Leedy. Strang was raised in a Leedy-designed home and later worked at Leedy’s Winter Haven office. Leedy provided Strang with a solid background in classic modernism. Strang’s firm has received many accolades for its forward-thinking design philosophy called Environmental Modernism. The movement combines and maximizes the intrinsic beauty of a location's natural landscape, climate, traditions, and materials.

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