The Leedy Lifetime Works Tour
about Gene Leedy

Gene Leedy, a founding father of the "Sarasota school" of architecture, chose to make Winter Haven his home in 1954 when commissioned that year to build the Sparrow House.  It was his first work in the quiet Polk County town.  Though the scope of his work is now globally recognized, Winter Haven boasts of more Gene Leedy buildings than any other location.

Gene's design philosophy resulted in a phenomenon of modern architecture, a unique collection created during a period of over fifty years. 

Gene's innovative work with pre-stressed concrete and his development of Double T beams leave an enduring legacy relevant to the past and the future of architecture, both in residential and commercial structures.

Leedy's many awards are a succession of accolades to his steadfast convictions about his modern design philosophy.  In 1988, Leedy was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Florida Association of Architects.  With a lifetime still ahead of him, Gene's continued contributions to the field resulted in another career peak in 1992 when he was installed into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects.  Today, Leedy's work continues to transform the face of our community and the spaces beyond.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating a treasured member of the Winter Haven community, Gene Leedy.