The Leedy Lifetime Works Tour

Sands Residence

Structure 22 (D4)

185 Lake Otis Road (Lakewood)
Year Built 1965
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Sands Residence (D4)

Sands ResidenceSands ResidenceSands Residence Sands Residence Sands Residence Sands Residence

Tour Narrative


Track Sixteen

Drive to the stop sign at the end of Drexel and turn right on 16th Street NE back to SR 542/Lake Elbert Drive. Turn right again. The next site is located in a gated neighborhood called Lakewood. Well worth seeing, you will take a five-minute detour, and the gate is closed at dusk. But if you decide to go, turn left on 14th Street to the end. Then turn right on Lake Link Drive SE and continue through the gate and across the causeway into Lakewood. Take the first right on Lake Link Drive as you watch for the speed bumps. Right again on Lake Otis Drive and look straight ahead at the majestic Sands Residence behind the palms.

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