The Leedy Lifetime Works Tour

Ellerman Residence

Structure 23 (D2)

950 North Lake Otis Drive SE
Year Built 2006
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Ellerman Residence (D2)

Ellerman Residence Ellerman Residence Ellerman Residence

Tour Narrative


Track Seventeen

Continuing back around the block on Lake Otis Road, take the first left on Lake Mariam Road, then turn left again back onto Lake Otis Road. Take the first right on Lake Link Road and then left onto the Lakewood Causeway. If you take a quick look to your left over the lake as you exit, you may get a glimpse of things to come. After you exit the gate, take a left on Lake Otis Drive. Before the dead-end, take a right onto 11th Street, then left on Lake Elbert Drive, and another quick left onto 10th Street. Continue to 950 North Lake Otis Drive.

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